Winter Trail Rest Dec. 1 to Apr. 1

Trails are Closed for their Winter Rest December 1 to April 1 Ever since 1986 the preserve has been closed to hikers for its winter trail rest to prevent the Gorge from being loved to death. We all know the damage caused by uncontrolled visitation in some of our state and national parks. Overuse of […]

Should We Accept the New Norm?

Outdoor Observer by Rod Christie, Executive Director Driving around at this time of year one gets a chance to look into the forest and view firsthand the changing of the northeast landscape. Forest trees are getting older (the better to store carbon), fields are growing into forests as farms are no longer in production and […]

MRG Needs Your Help to Meet a Challenge Grant!

Mianus River Gorge has received an enticing “Challenge Grant” to boost our efforts to raise the remaining capital to fully fund the historic High Tor acquisition. It’s simple. If MRG can raise an additional $20,000 for the purchase by December 31, 2018, a generous, anonymous donor will match the total amount raised up to $20,000. […]

Invasive Species Update

A major component of the Mianus River Gorge strategic management plan is invasive species control. The task of eradicating invasive vines, plants, and other pests, such as the hemlock woolly adelgid, seems endless. However, MRG remains optimistic that many can and will be controlled, and others may become naturalized over time. In the meantime, Mianus […]

Tree ID Pop Quiz

MRG’s Budd Veverka led an enjoyable and informative walk through Mianus River Gorge Preserve to help participants learn to identify trees by their bark, leaves, and fruit. Budd helped us answer some of these questions: 1. Which native species is allopathic, sending out a poison of sorts to discourage other trees from growing in its […]

Donation adds 13 acres to MRGP

Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Susan Heller, Mianus River Gorge (the Preserve) has just added almost 13 acres of sugar maple woodlands along Mianus River Road. This beautiful land was once the site of an orchard in the late 1800’s and now is a mature sugar maple grove. Laced with ancient stone walls […]

Volunteer Work Day Sept. 29

Come on out to help keep the Preserve in good condition, both for hikers and its unique flora and fauna. Your help is needed to do some trail work and some invasive species removal work. This work is both important and gratifying as you can see the results of a job well done! Saturday, Sept. […]

2018 Wildlife Tech Application is up!

The Mianus River Gorge is currently accepting applications from the Class of 2020 for our Wildlife Technician Program (WTP). The WTP provides an opportunity for high school students to design, implement, and evaluate multi-year studies in the field of ecology within the framework of the Science Research in the High School curriculum. The WTP is part […]

Non-native flora

Non-native flora can also be called alien, invasive, or exotic, each having a slightly different meaning. In effect, non-native plants are those that have established themselves in area from outside its native range. They move around with people as a result of immigration, migration, and trade. In their new homes, they can have a multitude […]

CISE Students Wrap Up at the Gorge

2018 College Internship in Suburban Ecology (CISE) students wrap up at Mianus River Gorge Each summer, Mianus River Gorge offers a highly sought-after internship for undergraduate college students with an interest in ecology. Under the tutelage of MRG staff scientists and graduate research assistants, the interns contribute to the Gorge’s on-going research in and around […]