Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Red Trail is closed at Point D

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Red Trail is closed at Point D. As it has for many years, the trail beyond Point D crosses over private property for about 350 yards before continuing back on to Mianus River Gorge Preserve land. Unfortunately, the property owner has decided to suspend this privilege necessitating closure […]

Campaign to Save the Hemlocks

Only an hour north of New York City, the Mianus River Gorge Preserve’s rare old-growth hemlock forest is one of the last remnants of the vast forest that once stretched from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. As the founders urgently recognized, it was crucial to preserve this irreplaceable landscape. The Mianus River Gorge was founded […]

Have you seen this bear?

Last April, MRG brought together numerous partners including Highstead, Great Hollow Preserve, and Teatown Lake Reservation, and coordinated an effort to place 45 remote infrared cameras around northern Westchester and eastern Putnam, and western Fairfield County in CT (please see map) in hopes of capturing images of black bears. MRG Staff Biologist Budd Veverka and […]

2017 College Internship in Suburban Ecology students wrap up at Mianus River Gorge

2017 College Internship in Suburban Ecology students wrap up at Mianus River Gorge Each summer, Mianus River Gorge offers a highly sought-after internship for undergraduate college students with an interest in ecology. Under the tutelage of MRG staff scientists and graduate research assistants, the interns contribute to the Gorge’s on-going research in and around the […]

All Cleaned Up

Thanks to community volunteers, MRG’s College Internship in Suburban Ecology (CISE) and Wildlife Technician Program (WTP) students, staff, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Tim Evnin for getting wet and muddy at the Mianus River Clean-Up on Saturday, July 22! Saturday turned out to be the perfect day for hauling discarded tires, bottles, and […]

Geoff Griffiths

2015 RAP Award SUNY ESF – Ph.D. Candidate Distribution and risk of chytrid fungus in amphibian communities Doctoral student and 2015 RAP recipient Geoff Griffiths (SUNY ESF) launched his research this spring.  Geoff and his advisor, Prof Greg McGee, are developing techniques to restore native wildflowers to our younger forests, which are still recovering from […]

MRG Welcomes Summer Interns

MRG Welcomes Summer Interns MRG welcomes the 2017 cohort of summer interns to the College Internship in Suburban Ecology (CISE) program. This summer’s undergraduate students are interested in the fields of ecology, conservation biology, and environmental sciences, and will assist staff and researchers with field work and data analysis over the course of an 8-week […]

Help Keep the Mianus River Clean on July 22

The Mianus River is one of a number of the coastal rivers that empties into Long Island Sound (LIS) at Cos Cob Harbor in southwest Connecticut. Its headwaters in North Castle and Bedford, NY, drain to the Bargh Reservoir, a drinking water source for the communities of Greenwich, Stamford, Port Chester, Rye and Rye Brook. […]

George Raxworthy

Wildlife Tech Class of 2017Fox Lane High SchoolMentor: Chris Nagy (MRG) Project: Impacts of Deer Overpopulation on Red Oak Regeneration at Mianus River Gorge Project Status: Completed Project Description: White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) overpopulation is a problem throughout the north-east USA. The browsing pressures from super-abundant deer impede forest regeneration and growth in saplings. To measure the […]

Jared Ortega

Wildlife Tech Class of 2017Carmel High SchoolMentor: Chris Nagy (MRG) Project:  Distribution of Fishers, Coyotes, Bobcats and Foxes in Westchester County Project Status: Ongoing Project Description: Martes pennant (Fisher), Canis latrans (Coyote), Lynx rufus (Bobcat) and Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox) are predators native to the Westchester County area. After numerous Coyote sightings and Fisher sightings in southern […]