College Internship in Suburban Ecology 2024
Landon Highbloom and Emily Valenti, students engaged in MRG’s College Internship in Suburban Ecology, are getting hands-on experience in trail stewardship and riparian corridor restoration at the same time. They are planting over 100 wetland plants along stream edges. The white turtlehead, cardinal flower, …
Wildlife Technician Program – Worms!
Yorktown H.S. graduate Sofia Natasi recently completed her three-year tenure in MRG’s award-winning Wildlife Technician Program (WTP). Sofia was mentored by Director of Research & Education Chris Nagy who has led the program for the past 10 years. Sofia studied the change in distribution …

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Research & Education

A Living Laboratory …

Mianus River Gorge was founded in 1953 by a group of conservationists and natural scientists who recognized the unique value of the old-growth hemlock forest and its tremendous biodiversity. The early founders protected the land as a living laboratory to develop sound land and watershed management strategies.

Land Management & Stewardship

As MRG acquires land to protect, a stewardship plan is devised to manage each parcel to either restore or maintain its health and function. As overbrowsing deer and invasive species have become major factors in the decline of native flora, MRG staff work to find effective solutions and share best practices.

Land Protection

The 22-mile Mianus River runs through the Mianus River Gorge Preserve and is part of a 42-square mile watershed, spanning five towns in two states. MRG protects the land that encompasses the Mianus River Watershed through acquisitions or gifts of land and managing conservation easements.