Mianus River Gorge to Make Historic Land Acquisition

Mianus River Gorge (MRG) is closing in on an important acquisition for an 11-acre parcel bordered on three sides by the Mianus River Gorge Preserve. With recent funding commitments including from The Nature Conservancy, MRG needs $275,000 more to fully fund its highest priority property. This critical parcel features rare species of flora and fauna, […]

Giving Tuesday Match Opportunity

GIVING TUESDAY MATCH OPPORTUNITY Perhaps you’ve received an appeal from Mianus River Gorge asking you to support important land and water protection efforts in the Mianus River Watershed and throughout the region. If you’ve already donated, we sincerely thank you for your support. If not, we’ll let the words “Giving Tuesday” serve as a gentle […]

Acorns, beechnuts, & other hard nuts!

This is a re-post of an Outdoor Observer by Rod Christie about the production of hard mast–acorns, beechnuts, & other hard nuts–and its impact (both good & bad) on the many animals that depend on it.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control Efforts

This past spring, we completed treatment of our eastern hemlocks to protect them from hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA).  The hemlock woolly adelgid is a small aphid-like invasive forest pest that lives, feeds, and reproduces exclusively on hemlocks. The insect kills the buds on infested branches, preventing new growth and eventually killing the tree. We treated […]

Will Cranier

Wildlife Tech Class of 2019Hackley SchoolMentor: Chris Nagy (MRG) Project: Distribution and risk of chytrid fungus outbreak in MRG’s amphibian community Project Status: Ongoing Project Description: Will Cranier (Hackley School) was mentored by Zach Gajewski, a Ph.D. student from Virginia Tech and a recipient of our Research Assistantship Program grant. Zach and Will are studying the distribution […]

Joshua Amir

Wildlife Tech Class of 2019Ardsley High SchoolMentor: Chris Nagy (MRG) Project: Impacts of deer on red oak seedlings in a managed forest Project Status: Ongoing Project Description: Josh Amir (Ardsley High School) monitored red oak seedlings for two years, and, combined with data from 2015 and 2016, estimated survival rates for young trees in our forest. Josh […]

Will Maynard

Wildlife Tech Class of 2019Brunswick SchoolMentor: Budd Veverka (MRG) Project: Exurban/Suburban Black Bear Occurrence and Activity in Westchester County (NY), Putnam County (NY), and Fairfield County (CT). Project Status: Complete Project Description: Will Maynard worked on our black bear study, and compared where we photographed bears and where people reported seeing bears to predictions of bear distribution […]

Grant from Westchester Community Foundation helps Restore & Enhance Meadow Biodiversity

The 935-acre Mianus River Gorge comprises an array of habitats, including meadows, flood-plain forest, wetlands, post-agricultural forest, and over 100 acres of old-growth forest. Invasive species enter these managed habitats via several pathways, the primary route being at the interface between forest and meadow edges. The new project, funded in part by a generous grant […]

MRG Welcomes Summer Interns

Welcome to our College Internship in Suburban Ecology (CISE) Summer Interns The College Internship in Suburban Ecology Program (CISE) offers summer internships to college students and recent graduates who are interested in learning about the unique challenges facing urban/suburban natural resource managers. Through a variety of research and land management projects, interns are trained in […]

Cliff Trail Now Open

Mianus River Gorge celebrated the opening of the new Cliff Trail with donors, trustees, and the Jolly Rovers Trail Crew on Saturday, June 1, which was also National Trails Day. Many months in the making, the trail is nearing completion and can be safely navigated while the finishing touches are being applied. The trail was […]