Winter Trail Rest Dec. 1 to Apr. 1

Trails at Mianus River Gorge and Taylor Preserve Are Closed for their Winter Rest December 1 to April 1

Thank you for visiting our Preserves! We have again had heavy visitation this year and the trails in the Preserves need their rest more than ever. 

Why does Mianus River Gorge close its trails during the winter?

  • Mianus River Gorge staff and the students they mentor have more time in the winter for valuable ecology research to monitor the size of the deer herd; conduct wildlife surveys using trail cameras to learn about the animals that use the trails when we’re not; and observe the health of the hemlocks recovering in the old-growth forest.
  • The trails of Mianus River Gorge Preserve cross steep hillsides with fragile soils. Allowing the trails to rest prevents overuse and damage caused by further erosion in the wintertime. Mianus River Gorge began this practice in 1986 to help protect this unique and fragile land.
  • Your safety is of chief concern. Winter snow and ice create dangerous conditions, especially on stone steps and steep grades. If help were needed, cell phone service on the trails is spotty at best.

Thank you for helping us properly steward the trails to preserve the integrity of the Gorge for scientists, students, and hikers of tomorrow.

Winter walking is available at many nearby parks and preserves. Butler Sanctuary, Westmoreland Sanctuary and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation are within a few miles of here. Please do call us at (914) 234-3455 if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you in the spring. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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