Steve Brady

2009 RAP Award Yale University – Doctoral Candidate Road Salt Impact on Amphibians Run-off from roads brings salts (and other toxins) into wetland ecosystems that can have a negative effect on reproduction and survival of amphibian life. Steve’s research will develop a clearer understanding of how amphibians adapt to road salts. This will help managers […]

Michael O’Brien

2008 RAP Award SUNY ESF – Doctoral Candidate Symbiotic Relationships of Fungi and Hemlock In order to buffer our old-growth hemlock forests, MRG managers would like to promote the establishment of hemlocks in some of our younger forest stands that were previously farmland and pasture. Mike’s research examined how hemlock seedling growth is related to […]

Linda Gormezano

2007 RAP Award CUNY – Doctoral Candidate Genetic Monitoring of Coyotes Eastern coyotes are physically and genetically different from their western counterpart, due to hybridization with wolves as they moved into the area from the north. In this noninvasive study, Linda uses a Dutch Shephard detection dog is find naturally deposited coyote scat which is […]