Staff Scientists

Roderick G. Christie

Executive Director

Rod Christie provides leadership for the organization with primary responsibilities for directing programs and land acquisition efforts (acquisition and conservation easements).  Rod’s education degrees are in Wildlife Biology and he has more than 40 years of experience leading not-for-profits and incorporating science, research and education into land, wildlife and natural resource protection efforts. Some of Rod’s past and present affiliations include as a member of the steering committee of the Hudson to Housatonic Regional Conservation Partnership, the steering committee for the Westchester Open Space Alliance, and the steering committee for the Westchester County Deer Taskforce.  His present research includes cultivation of native herbaceous flora from local genetic stock for the purpose of habitat restoration and monitoring local breeding populations of wood and box turtles using shell pattern recognition. 

Chris checking camera traps

Chris Nagy, Ph.D.

Director of Research & Education

Chris Nagy has studied urban conservation and ecology in the New York Metro area for over 15 years.  He started working at MRG part-time while a graduate student in 2003, and became Director of Research and Education in 2013. Chris oversees MRG’s research and student research programs. His work focuses on protecting and restoring native biodiversity in urban/suburban areas, ecology of eastern coyotes and other urban wildlife, white-tailed deer management, and student mentorship

Budd Veverka

Director of Land Management

Budd has been the Director of Land Management since 2016.  Previously, Budd spent over 10 years working as a wildlife biologist in several states across the South and Midwest; most recently in Indiana where his research focused on farmland wildlife and he authored the National Wildlife Pheasant Conservation Plan. Today, Budd focuses his work on invasive species management, northeastern forest restoration, suburban black bear activity, white-tailed deer management, and student mentorship. He is the organizational representative to the Lower Hudson Partnership for Invasive Species Management and the New York State Hemlock Initiative, and is an active member of The Wildlife Society.

Jean-Luc Plante

Preserve Steward


Kristan Winters

Communications & Development Director

Tina Barrett


Alison Kelly

Office Manager & Database Admin.

Board of Trustees – 2021


Timothy W. Evnin, Chairman

Christopher du P. Roosevelt, Vice Chairman

Andre A. Hunter, President

Kathryn Hoenig, Treasurer

Ashley Schulten, Secretary


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Nicholas Firth

William G. Foulke, Jr.

Lloyd Gerry

Gary S. Jacobson

Alexandra Kotur

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