Saving the Jim Todd Land

For 68 years Mianus River Gorge has been protecting land, keeping it forever wild, and working to conserve healthy ecosystems that contribute to the clean air and water we all enjoy. The land under MRG’s protection and stewardship has grown from 60 acres to over 1,100 acres since our founding in 1953.

Now, Mianus River Gorge needs your help to protect 23 acres of pristine land that we have long sought to preserve and is finally available for purchase immediately.

This significant, historic property, located on Mianus River Road, was once a small farm and comprises pastures, a small lake, beautiful woodlands, important wetlands, and an active amphibian-breeding vernal pool. The land buffers the old-growth forest and is surrounded on three sides by the Mianus River Gorge Preserve. It is in close proximity to the current trail system and across the road from other properties that MRG owns and protects.

The importance of protecting this fragile and sensitive land in the Mianus River Watershed benefits each of us.

The need for action is now as we can’t afford to let this property be developed. But we can’t do it alone. The cost of acquiring this land is $1.7 million. We have already received commitments for approximately $1.4 million but need to raise the balance as quickly as possible. Your generosity at this time is essential, helping to ensure not only that this land will be protected from development, but will continue to be a valuable ecological treasure that protects our drinking water and the future viability of the Mianus River Gorge Preserve.  

Please consider a gift to help complete this important land acquisition. The Mianus River Gorge is truly grateful for your consideration. For a map and more information please click here.

If you are interested in discussing this project further, please contact us at or (914) 234-3455.


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