Summer Reading

Welcome to the old-growth forest! Walking through the Gorge, many say, is like visiting “the forest primeval” — deep, dark and old, more like the venerable redwood forests of the west than the second-growth forests so common in the east. Visitors get the feeling they are stepping back in time and getting a rare glimpse […]

Zach Gajewski

2016 RAP Award Virginia Tech – Ph.D. Candidate Distribution and risk of chytrid fungus in amphibian communities Candidate Zach Gajewski, a Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech, was awarded the 2016 Research Assistantship Program grant to conduct his research on the distribution of the pathogenic chytrid fungus that affects frogs and other amphibians. This fungus is […]

Gotham Coyote Project Update

In a new phase of Gotham Coyote Project, researchers are piloting satellite telemetry in the Bronx. Visit MRG’s media page or click here to read an article in amNewYork about coyotes fitted with radio collars as part of a joint effort by the Gotham Coyote Project and the New York City Parks Department.

MRG Welcomes 2018 Summer Interns

Welcome to our College Internship in Suburban Ecology (CISE) Summer Interns Amandine Tooth completed her degree in applied animal biology at the University of British Columbia. She will be starting graduate studies in the fall in Sweden where she will be studying animal ecology. Amandine will be dedicated to helping with the annual deer survey […]

Alex Golden

Wildlife Tech Class of 2018Blind Brook High SchoolMentor: Chris Nagy (MRG) Project: Activity patterns of mammals in Bronx, NY Parks vs. Mianus River Gorge Preserve, Bedford, NY Project Status: Completed Project Description: Urban environments can alter the behavior of animals in a myriad of ways. In this study, the effects that urban environments have on the temporal […]

Mianus River Gorge Acquires 22 Acres

MIANUS RIVER GORGE ACQUIRES 22 ACRES TO ADD TO ITS PROTECTED PROPERTIES ALONG THE MIANUS RIVER Mianus River Gorge (MRG) is pleased to announce it has added 22 acres of beautiful property to the land it protects within the Mianus River Watershed. With the help of an anonymous foundation that contributed significant funding, Mianus River […]

Thank you Xylem!

Xylem Volunteers Help MRG Get a Jump on Spring Projects Invasive Species Control—Thanks to a volunteer group from Xylem’s Watermark Outreach Program, we made a dent in the ongoing battle with invasive plants and vines that constantly threaten the Preserve. Volunteers helped pull and bag garlic mustard to prevent the plants from re-seeding. They also […]

Bird Walk in the Gorge

(Un)Successful Bird Walk? MRG’s Budd Veverka and Bedford Audubon’s Tate Johanssen led a group of bird enthusiasts on an early-morning bird walk in the Preserve on Saturday, June 2. The morning dawned humid and windy, so the birds weren’t calling much. When it’s windy, birds tend to stay farther in on the branches, closer to […]

2018 Summer Interns

Amandine Tooth, University of British Columbia Heather Williams, University of Vermont Jake Spinella, SUNY Geneseo Scott Campbell, Ursinus College Interns worked on: Hemlock monitoring, setting up wildlife cameras for the Gotham Coyote Project and the Bear Study, invasive species removal, erecting deer exclosures, and other projects that contribute to fulfilling MRG’s mission. They also assisted […]