Wildlife Technician Program (WTP)

The Wildlife Technician Program (WTP) is a competitive internship program offering high school students the opportunity to undertake a three-year research project in the natural sciences. Our innovative and far reaching program is the first of its kind in the New York Metropolitan area offering an extra-curricular high school program in ecological research. Our students conduct hands-on field experiments, learn first-hand about the complexities of natural systems and receive expert guidance from Mianus River Gorge staff, graduate students, and professional partners to produce high-level research studies with significant applications to natural resource management.

Program Description

Length of Program: 3 years beginning in the sophomore year of high-school

The WTP Program provides research opportunities to high-school students in the fields of ecology, conservation biology and wildlife biology.

Wildlife Technicians (Techs) assist on various research projects while concentrating on designing and conducting their own multi-year study. Techs are mentored by Gorge staff and/or graduate students and are exposed to experimental design and field techniques through non-traditional hands-on experience. Techs receive additional experience in wildlife ecology by assisting with graduate-level projects being conducted at the Gorge.

Candidate Qualifications

High-school sophomores must be enrolled in a multi-year research course. No GPA or work experience required. Candidates must demonstrate an interest in working in the natural sciences in an outdoor setting.

Application Procedure

Candidates must complete the application and submit along with one letter of recommendation. Applicants may be contacted for an interview.

Application Deadline: Application deadline is December 1, 2024

Acceptance Notification: Interview announcements will go out by December 10; acceptance decisions are made in January.


Please direct questions to research@mianus.org or call Chris Nagy at 914-234-3455.

Meet Our Techs

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