New WTP Bobcat Project

MRG has begun another wildlife study, this time on bobcats. WTP researcher Jenna Lombino (White Plains HS) has set up several video camera traps in the Preserve to obtain high-res video clips of bobcats. Jenna’s objective is to be able to identify individual bobcats based on fur and spot patterns. In this area of their range, bobcats have very few spots – just on their legs and lower flanks – so individual identification is very hard. We hope that the video clips will be clearer and provide a better view of the animals compared to typical photographs.

Click here to see what we’ve seen!

If you would like to contribute to this program, MRG is in need of equipment. We would like to purchase additional video camera traps to expand the study site and a laptop for real-time work in the field. Please go to the Donate page and specify that you’re donating to the Bobcat Project. Thank you!

Bobcat caught on wildlife camera
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