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When we first came to Mount Kisco in 1958, a resident professional naturalist, Stanley Grierson, led a group of us through the Gorge in spring. I remember that we went all the way to Havemeyer Falls at the head of the reservoir. We had no idea until then that such beautiful wilderness existed here in Westchester County.

We lived in a small home in Mount Kisco and had fantasized about a second home in the forest of the Adirondacks. The Gorge gave us a new perspective. By sheer accident we found a property overlooking the southern end of the Gorge. We built a rustic contemporary house at the edge of a 100-foot cliff with this wonderful view, with the assurance that nothing could ever destroy that totally wild view.

The location has enabled us to appreciate the existing wildlife. Foxes, coyotes, many hawks, and even eagles have become part of our lives due to the proximity of the Gorge. Since the extreme deer population is now being brought under control, wildflowers that we saw there years ago are beginning to come back. We cherish what the Gorge has given us, and have decided to give something back by including the Gorge in our will.

-Anneliese and Bernard Gastrich

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