Riparian Corridor Restoration Project Update

May 3, 2021–Healthy riparian zones are crucial to the health of watersheds such as the Mianus River Watershed. Riparian buffers and wetlands help dissipate floodwaters, recharge groundwater supplies, filter out pollution, provide fish and wildlife habitat, and sustain the health of downstream water sources. The healthier the riparian zones, the better job they do at performing these functions. Removing invasive species is an important first step in restoring 90.3 acres within the riparian corridor.

Mianus River Gorge is working on restoring the riparian corridor by eradicating identified invasive species within the buffer zones of the main stem and four major tributaries of the Mianus River (currently within the Mianus River Gorge Preserve borders).

MRG is endeavoring to break pathways of invasion to prevent the spread of Tier 3 and Tier 4 species as categorized by LHPRISM and continuing to remove Japanese barberry and other invasives found in the riparian corridor.

Before and after photographs. The entire community benefits by cleaner, more abundant drinking water resources.

The Riparian Corridor Restoration grant project is supported with funding from the New York State Conservation Partnership Program (NYSCPP) and New York’s Environmental Protection Fund. The NYSCPP is administered by the Land Trust Alliance, in coordination with the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

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