Non-native flora

Non-native flora can also be called alien, invasive, or exotic, each having a slightly different meaning. In effect, non-native plants are those that have established themselves in area from outside its native range. They move around with people as a result of immigration, migration, and trade. In their new homes, they can have a multitude […]

The Importance of Wetlands

The Importance of Wetlands Some people don’t think of wetlands in a positive way, if they think of wetlands at all. They may think the words swamp, bog, and marsh—all wetlands–have a negative connotation, and completely overlook the immense value of wetlands and the countless benefits they provide. But wetlands are a vital resource and […]

Westchester Community Foundation Awards Renewal Grant

Thanks to a generous renewal grant from Westchester Community Foundation, Mianus River Gorge will continue its work of Protecting Biodiversity in the Mianus River Watershed. Over the course of the last two years, Mianus River Gorge successfully completed its Source to Sound initiative in two phases. The main focus of the Source to Sound Initiative […]

Campaign to Save the Hemlocks

Only an hour north of New York City, the Mianus River Gorge Preserve’s rare old-growth hemlock forest is one of the last remnants of the vast forest that once stretched from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. As the founders urgently recognized, it was crucial to preserve this irreplaceable landscape. The Mianus River Gorge was founded […]

Deer Overpopulation

Too many deer is a common problem to many suburban areas of the northeast. And like most of our environmental problems, it is ultimately a human-caused problem. Deer were nearly exterminated in NYS and CT by the end of the 19th century. Active reintroduction programs, new hunting regulations, the reforestation of NYS in the 20th […]