Dollar-for-Dollar Match

A generous donor has agreed to match contributions towards a new All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000. We hope you will join us in realizing this unique opportunity.

Why does Mianus River Gorge (MRG) need an ATV?

  • The ATV will be valuable for stewarding all 1,200 acres protected by MRG
    • Staff use “fire roads” to reach remote parts of the Gorge using the pick-up truck or going by foot. An ATV allows staff and their equipment to get closer to their destination (places the truck cannot reach), more quickly and with less impact on the environment.
    • The threats facing our protected lands have grown exponentially with the introduction of new invasive species and new development bordering the Preserve. An ATV will be a huge step toward catching up with and getting in front of these growing threats.
    • The ATV will carry the cedar and locust tree logs used to edge the trails on MRG’s extensive trail system. We can also more efficiently monitor conservation easements and the Preserve’s borders.
    • The ATV is important for safety, too, as it will allow first responders to quickly reach someone who has been injured on the trail. In the past, the police have needed to secure and transport an ATV to reach the site.
  • We are working on restoring two meadows prior to the winter season
    • The meadows require removal of well-established invasive shrubs, vines, and trees (the usual suspects). An ATV will help remove the material from the site and ensure it is properly disposed of.
    • Once cleared of invasives, the meadows will be seeded with a mix of native plants successfully grown in our own restoration garden (e.g. sedges, rushes, and tall meadow rue), and complemented with a native seed mix of butterfly weed, wild bergamot, and mountain mint. An ATV will reduce the time it takes to transport replacement material and staff to the sites.
    • The ATV can be fitted with a tiller, rake, and seeder apparatus allowing us to do the entire reseeding job in-house (previously we’ve had to use contractors for this phase) and more quickly, affording enough time before winter to allow for proper germination.

We are always looking to maximize resources, including staff time, and this versatile vehicle will serve as an important contributor to helping Mianus River Gorge fulfill its mission.

Please help us purchase a “Pioneer” All-Terrain-Vehicle. Click here and be sure to indicate that your donation is for the ATV.  Alternatively, you may mail a check to Mianus River Gorge, 167 Mianus River Road, Bedford, NY 10506.

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