Forested Riparian Corridor Restoration

The Mianus River and its tributaries form a riparian corridor that is vital for wildlife and whose health and function contribute to a clean drinking water supply for over one hundred thousand. MRG aims to repair and improve the functional ability of this riparian buffer to filter and prevent water contamination by removing detrimental invasive […]

The Young Forest

The final component of the Save the Hemlocks initiative is to improve the health and buffering ability of the younger forest that surrounds the Mianus River Gorge old-growth forest. Mianus River Gorge Preserve (MRGP) is a linear preserve and past agricultural activities came very close to the core old-growth forest. As pasturelands and farm fields […]

An Old-Growth Forest in our Midst

Perhaps you know that part of Mianus River Gorge’s mission is to “protect over 1,000 acres … including one of the last stands of old-growth forest in the northeast US.”  But what exactly is an old-growth forest, and why is it so important?  “Old-growth forest is a structurally complex forest, hundreds of years old, that […]

What We’re Working On This Summer

July 22, 2020 Needless to say, the summer of 2020 is unlike any other. Mianus River Gorge and the Preserve had their ups and downs when the season opened with a surge of visitors desperate to get out of the house. Today, MRG is glad to provide the community with a peaceful, restorative experience on […]

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control Efforts

We also are working with Cornell University in hopes of introducing two biocontrol insects into our environment. First, these insects go through a rigorous testing process that can take years to complete to determine that they will have little to no effect on native flora and fauna. A beetle (Laricobius nigrinus) and a silver fly […]

Grant from Westchester Community Foundation helps Restore & Enhance Meadow Biodiversity

The 935-acre Mianus River Gorge comprises an array of habitats, including meadows, flood-plain forest, wetlands, post-agricultural forest, and over 100 acres of old-growth forest. Invasive species enter these managed habitats via several pathways, the primary route being at the interface between forest and meadow edges. The new project, funded in part by a generous grant […]

Spotted Lanternfly: a new, unwelcome invader!

By Jennifer J. LernerSenior Resource Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County Here in the Hudson Valley, we have weathered waves of invasion . . . Insect invasion that is. Think of the multicolored Asian lady beetle buzzing around your house, soon replaced by the brown marmorated stinkbug dive-bombing your reading light at night. The […]

Should We Accept the New Norm?

Outdoor Observer by Rod Christie, Executive Director Driving around at this time of year one gets a chance to look into the forest and view firsthand the changing of the northeast landscape. Forest trees are getting older (the better to store carbon), fields are growing into forests as farms are no longer in production and […]

Invasive Species Update

A major component of the Mianus River Gorge strategic management plan is invasive species control. The task of eradicating invasive vines, plants, and other pests, such as the hemlock woolly adelgid, seems endless. However, MRG remains optimistic that many can and will be controlled, and others may become naturalized over time. In the meantime, Mianus […]

Tree ID Pop Quiz

MRG’s Budd Veverka led an enjoyable and informative walk through Mianus River Gorge Preserve to help participants learn to identify trees by their bark, leaves, and fruit. Budd helped us answer some of these questions: 1. Which native species is allopathic, sending out a poison of sorts to discourage other trees from growing in its […]