Mianus River Gorge was featured in Bedford New Canaan Magazine’s May / June issue. Read the article here. Photo by Bill Abranowicz

MRG’s Chris Nagy interviewed on Fox at 5

Watch the video here. An especially large coyote–that looked a lot like a wolf–was sighted in Central Park. Gotham Coyote Project co-founder Chris Nagy was called in to explain that the eastern coyote is indeed part wolf, the result of decades of cross-hybridization between the two species. “They all have some wolf ancestry, meaning that […]

Hemlocks 2023

MRG inoculated another 1,000 eastern hemlock trees against the hemlock woolly adelgid and hemlock scale in 2023. Click here to view a video that walks you through the hemlock forest. With your help, Mianus River Gorge can continue the important work of preventing the demise of this diverse forest that supports rare wildflowers, over 100 […]

Bear Safety

Bear Safety is a hot topic. In case you missed MRG Director of Land Management Budd Veverka’s bear talk at the Pound Ridge Library, you may wish to view it here. Enter passcode: 7OrWm7*$ https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/375Z7NUJet8khrUS_rfIgjyrPZGaOPt2o4AstAFycxEwIVEKcxVa0DcNKUzV5wio.cqhJo98QnfkUDCht

Newly Published Research Papers

MRG Director of Research & Education Chris Nagy, Ph.D. made significant contributions to two newly published research papers. In addition to providing raw data, Chris contributed analysis and writing help to the primary authors, both of whom were master’s students. Chris works hard to grow MRG’s network of collaborators, participate in larger studies, and to […]

Outdoor Observer

Change is sometimes good… or at least not all bad By Rod Christie, Mianus River Gorge Executive Director October 6, 2021 The Eastern Forest of North America has undergone great change since 45% of the US was covered in old-growth forest. The Eastern Forest of North America has undergone great change since 45% of the […]

Outdoor Observer

A Fascination with Turtles Rod Christie, Mianus River Gorge Executive Director Ever since I was young, I have been captivated with all types of turtles. As a child I rescued baby turtles and raised them in my mother’s washroom sink, a large sink that could accommodate 30-40 baby turtles at a time. I have rehabbed […]

2019 Snapshot USA Published Today

MRG’s Chris Nagy and another 150+ authors contributed camera trap data to “A Coordinated National Camera Trap Survey of the US”.  The scientists and over 800 students collected data from 1509 camera trap sites across the country. MRG staff and students have long used camera traps to study coyotes and other wildlife in Mianus River […]

Springtime = Bears

When spring arrives in these parts, are bears far behind? With more and more bear sightings in our own backyards, people have lots of questions about bear behavior. MRG’s Budd Veverka gave a talk recently to the Pound Ridge Land Trust board and community members. To learn all about black bears, you can watch Budd’s […]