2019 Snapshot USA Published Today

MRG’s Chris Nagy and another 150+ authors contributed camera trap data to “A Coordinated National Camera Trap Survey of the US”.  The scientists and over 800 students collected data from 1509 camera trap sites across the country.

MRG staff and students have long used camera traps to study coyotes and other wildlife in Mianus River Gorge and New York City.  The national survey comprised several hundred-thousand photos that were tagged and identified in eMammal, a data management system and archive for camera trap research projects.

The 2019 Snapshot USA paper was published and released in Ecology, a publication of the Ecological Society of America, the nation’s largest organization of professional ecologists.

The survey data will help ecologists monitor wildlife resources, inform conservation strategies, and provide a wealth of information for researchers. The 2020 Snapshot is wrapping up and data collection for the 2021 Snapshot will begin soon.

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