Newly Published Research Papers

MRG Director of Research & Education Chris Nagy, Ph.D. made significant contributions to two newly published research papers. In addition to providing raw data, Chris contributed analysis and writing help to the primary authors, both of whom were master’s students.

Chris works hard to grow MRG’s network of collaborators, participate in larger studies, and to increase MRG’s overall productivity and breadth of inquiry. He has published a wealth of research papers as the main author as well as a contributing author, served on graduate advisory committees, and as a mentor to countless students.

The first study used a national database (which included pictures from the Gorge in 2019) to examine how bobcats are affected by other predators such as coyotes and wolves … and humans. Chris helped the main author with choosing how to analyze the data and with coding. He also edited the final manuscript.

The second study used the more than 600k pictures MRG collected and identified from 2016-2019 in NYC for the Gotham Coyote Project. The main author was a master’s thesis in evolutionary biologist David Lahti’s lab at Queens College. Chris helped the author with analysis and editing.

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