Hobby Hill Farm Protected

Mianus River Gorge recently completed a conservation easement on the 8-acre property known as “Hobby Hill Farm”.  Located on Mianus River Rd. with a house dating back to the 1700’s, pond, and surrounding fields, this parcel was important to MRG as it is the headwaters of Havemeyer Stream.  Havemeyer Stream flows through the Mianus River Gorge Preserve, over Havemeyer Falls, and into the Bargh Reservoir (Mianus River). “The Hobby Hill Farm parcel is one of the last parts of the Havemeyer Stream that was unprotected so we were very excited and grateful to Todd Noonan and Stacy Albanese for this wonderful gift,” said Executive Director Rod Christie. Not only will the easement protect this drainage area, but it will also protect the exterior historic character of the house and other structures.

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