Redevelopment of the Havemeyer Falls Spur Trail

Ever since Mianus River Gorge Preserve opened to the public, Havemeyer Falls has been a destination for hikers ambitious enough to put in the extra effort to visit it. Located approximately two miles from the trailhead, the beauty of Havemeyer Falls on a spring morning is rarely replicated in our region. However, the path leading […]

Bridging 70 years of wildflower monitoring to examine regional climate change

In the earliest days of the Mianus Gorge Conservation Committee, as Mianus River Gorge was originally known, the founders were fascinated with the flora and fauna they found here. They contacted biologists, botanists and other professionals to help them catalog the biodiversity of the Mianus River Gorge. Beginning in the mid 1950s, Dr. Henry A. […]

A Visit to Hobby Hill Quarry

By the end of the 18th century, the quarry industry began to take off in Westchester County, providing stone for roads, lime, and iron production. As New York City continued to expand toward the end of the 19th century, the demand for granite increased and granite quarries began to open up across the southern parts […]

Celebrating 60 years as a Natural Natural Landmark While Looking to the Future

Mianus River Gorge was one of the first National Natural Landmark (NNL) sites, designated by then Secretary of the Interior Sewart Udall, on March 7, 1964. The other sites included Elder Creek and Rancho La Brea in California, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Florida, Fontenelle Forest in Nebraska, Bergen-Byron in New York, and Wissahickon Valley, Pennsylvania. […]

MRG Celebrates Historic Acquisition

On November 18, 2021, Mianus River Gorge closed on the purchase of three parcels comprising 17.5 acres and the donation of a 5.7-acre conservation easement by Scott Kurnit to protect 23.2 acres of historic land bordered on three sides by the Mianus River Gorge Preserve. MRG received leadership support from individual donors, its Board of […]

Gloria Anable (1900-1988) Honored Today

Pioneering female ichthyologist and conservationist honored by naming of a new, cryptic species of the fish genus Polymixia from Bermuda Gloria Elaine Hollister Anable, 1900–1988, is honored today by the naming of a new, formerly cryptic species of the spiny-rayed fish genus Polymixia. Species of Polymixia have been called ‘living fossils’ because of their unusual […]

The Early Years

In the early 1950’s a group of concerned citizens led by Gloria Hollister Anable discovered in the Mianus River Valley a wild and free river running through a primeval forest, a natural area which had taken hundreds of years to create. They realized this was no ordinary forest. With development threatening to destroy this irreplaceable […]

Natural History

Geologists believe that tens of thousands of years ago, the Mianus River flowed from Banksville northward to the Stonehill River System in northern Bedford. South of the present day Gorge was another watershed flowing southward to Long Island Sound. The advancing Wisconsin glacier blocked the Mianus from flowing Northward and, as the glacier melted, it […]

The Long Walk

Beginning in 1952, an active group was dedicated to protecting the Mianus Gorge.  However, by late 1953, it was clear that the opinions of the group alone were not sufficient to secure the funding to protect the Gorge.   As one of the Founders put it, “to base a fund drive with any prospect of success, an […]

Mianus River Gorge’s Mission

Founded in 1953, Mianus River Gorge, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote appreciation of the natural heritage of the Mianus River watershed through land acquisition and conservation, scientific research and public education throughout the region.  A 501(c)(3) non-profit conservation and education organization, Mianus River Gorge: Protects over […]