Westchester Community Foundation Awards Renewal Grant

Thanks to a generous renewal grant from Westchester Community Foundation, Mianus River Gorge will continue its work of Protecting Biodiversity in the Mianus River Watershed.

Over the course of the last two years, Mianus River Gorge successfully completed its Source to Sound initiative in two phases. The main focus of the Source to Sound Initiative was wetlands evaluation and analysis to determine health and function, followed by a comprehensive wetlands restoration project.

The 2018 grant addresses an inter-connected, multi-level challenge that aims to restore the health and improve the diversity of the old-growth forest in Mianus River Gorge. From the mycorrhizal fungus living in the soil to the canopy of eastern hemlock trees up to 100’ tall, this project aims to restore an ecological imbalance that threatens their very survival.

In addition, MRG has an opportunity to expand its successful native species garden. The goal is to re-introduce native wildflowers, plants, and shrubs to restore parts of the Preserve where invasives have been removed to restore biodiversity. With funding from Westchester Community Foundation, MRG will build 10 more raised beds with animal-resistant covers; create a “wet garden” dedicated to growing rare wetland plants like turtlehead, cardinal flower, and marsh marigold; and plant a variety of native shrubs from locally collected seed to be used in restoration activities.

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