Nate Mortarano


Wildlife Tech Class of 2012
Briarcliff High School

Project: Investigating Changes in the Mianus River Gorge Songbird Community from 2005 to 2010

Project Status: Completed

Project Description: Nate is continuing the songbird survey work begun by Christina Caragine a few years ago. He and his RAP mentor, Rachel Bricklin, has improved upon Christina’s methodology and has greatly increased the scope and the number of target species of the project. Nate’s surveys are a better comparison to J. Tirpak’s exhaustive 2005 bird survey and should allow us to more precisely evaluate the effect of lowered deer densities on the recovery of understory- and shrub-nesting birds at the Gorge.

Recognition: 2012 Westchester Science and Engineering Fair, Environmental Perspiration Award

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