Grant from Westchester Community Foundation helps Restore & Enhance Meadow Biodiversity

The 935-acre Mianus River Gorge comprises an array of habitats, including meadows, flood-plain forest, wetlands, post-agricultural forest, and over 100 acres of old-growth forest. Invasive species enter these managed habitats via several pathways, the primary route being at the interface between forest and meadow edges. The new project, funded in part by a generous grant from the Westchester Community Foundation, a division of The New York Community Foundation, aims to restore the biodiversity and health of MRG-owned meadows by eliminating detrimental invasive species and re-seeding with a diversity of wildflowers and grasses to support pollinators, birds, and other wildlife species.

Several acres of meadow habitat are part of the 52 acres in total acquired by MRG last year.  We are eager to improve the health and biodiversity of these meadow habitats that will contribute to the overall protection of the interior old-growth forest and provide a diverse source of food, nesting sites, and shelter for pollinators and other wildlife. 

Many thanks to Westchester Community Foundation for supporting our efforts to restore and enhance biodiversity to this vital ecosystem. 

Posted in Stewardship & Land Management.