Donation adds 13 acres to MRGP

Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Susan Heller, Mianus River Gorge (the Preserve) has just added almost 13 acres of sugar maple woodlands along Mianus River Road. This beautiful land was once the site of an orchard in the late 1800’s and now is a mature sugar maple grove. Laced with ancient stone walls and other remnants of its past use, this maturing forest provides an important buffer for older forest lands within the interior of the Preserve.

Ms. Heller’s family at one time owned much of the land along this part of Mianus River Road, and her parents gave donations of vital pieces of land to the Gorge in the past. “It is extremely rare to receive such a gift in this day and age when land is worth so much,” said Rod Christie, Executive Director of Mianus River Gorge. “We are extremely grateful to Susie for this gift and promise to take as good care of it as she and her family have for so many years. It is truly a spectacular addition to the Preserve.”

Walkers and other people enjoying Mianus River Road are very familiar with this land and can now take comfort in knowing that its beautiful vistas can be enjoyed by all for years to come.

Posted in Land & Water Protection.