Challenge Grant Extended!

CHALLENGE GRANT EXTENDED! Our would-be benefactor has generously offered to extend the “Challenge Grant” that she offered to help us raise the remaining capital to fully fund the historic High Tor acquisition. We now have until January 31, 2019, to raise $20,000.

As a reminder of how a challenge grant works, the generous donor will match the total amount raised up to $20,000. Most important: We can go over, but we can’t go under!

High Tor was MRG’s highest priority property to protect. This critical parcel in the heart of Mianus River Gorge Preserve features rare species of flora and fauna, healthy wetlands habitat, and, most impressive, a rock outcropping on its eastern-most boundary. The rock outcropping known as High Tor hangs over the steep slopes that descend to the Mianus River far below.

MRG has received generous leadership support from several individual donors, local private foundations and also a $50,000 gift from The Nature Conservancy in New York. If we can raise another $20,000 to meet the Challenge Grant, we will be $40,000 closer to realizing our goal.

With your help, Mianus River Gorge will not only protect High Tor from development but will preserve the land that buffers the old-growth forest and serves as a corridor for the movement of wildlife throughout the area.

Please help us meet the challenge! Click here and be sure to indicate that your donation is for the Challenge Grant.

Or you may mail a check to:
Mianus River Gorge
167 Mianus River Road
Bedford, NY 10506

Thank you!

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