Bird Walk in the Gorge

(Un)Successful Bird Walk?

MRG’s Budd Veverka and Bedford Audubon’s Tate Johanssen led a group of bird enthusiasts on an early-morning bird walk in the Preserve on Saturday, June 2. The morning dawned humid and windy, so the birds weren’t calling much. When it’s windy, birds tend to stay farther in on the branches, closer to the tree trunk, making spotting them more of a challenge.

Brightly colored Scarlet Tanagers were lower down on the trees than usual, so spotting them was a bonus. We saw a good number of Ovenbirds and Louisiana Waterthrush, both in the warbler family. But we missed out on other varieties of warblers usually abundant in the Gorge, such as Worm-eating warbler, Yellow warbler, and the Common Yellowthroat.

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