Board Spotlight – Meet Chris Roosevelt

Chris Roosevelt has served on the Gorge’s Board of Trustees since the mid-1970’s, first joining the Board when Anne French was the Executive Director. Chris has served as the Gorge’s “outside” legal counsel, Vice Chairman of the Board, and Chair of the Gorge’s Legal Committee.

Trained as an attorney, Chris served with a traditional New York City law firm, spent several years as an Assistant United States Attorney in New York City, and was involved with the marine-focused, national non-profit the Oceanic Society and its magazine, “OCEANS.” 

Chris was the founder and first president of a major aquarium in Norwalk, CT. He founded a contract publishing venture, worked in one of the largest public opinion survey companies, and eventually returned to the practice of law with his own firm in White Plains, NY. He holds a Presidential appointment as a Commissioner of the world’s only true international park, a joint operation of Canada and the US. He also served on the board of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and is currently on an Advisory Council to the Dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. He is presently “Of Counsel” to the Mount Kisco, NY firm of Shapiro Gettinger Waldinger & Monteleone, LLP.

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