In addition to more rare box and wood turtles, there is a variety of turtles in this area that one may encounter. Painted turtles are often seen basking on logs in area ponds. Farther south and in more urban areas there also may be red-eared sliders, an introduced species from the pet trade. Less noticeable turtles include the spotted turtle (listed as special concern in NYS) and the musk turtle. The largest area freshwater turtle is, of course, the snapping turtle.

The next time you see a turtle, especially if it is a box or wood turtle, enjoy watching it and do not let anyone know it was there! If you see someone taking one of these turtles, please notify Mianus River Gorge or your local conservation officer and we will try to assist when possible. If you see a turtle crossing the road, please put it on the side of the road in the direction it was headed.

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