Summer Reading

Welcome to the old-growth forest! Walking through the Gorge, many say, is like visiting “the forest primeval” — deep, dark and old, more like the venerable redwood forests of the west than the second-growth forests so common in the east. Visitors get the feeling they are stepping back in time and getting a rare glimpse of what it was like when Native Americans lived on this land.

If you’d like to learn more about the complex world of old-growth forests, you might like Joan Maloof’s newest book, “Nature’s Temples.”

Do you prefer fiction? “The Overstory: A Novel” by Richard Powers is a candidate for the Man Booker Prize and a popular book club choice. “The science in this novel ranges from fun fact to mind-blowing, brought to us by characters — some scientists, mostly not — who are sweet or funny or maddening in all the relatable ways.”  (NYT Book Review.)

If you’re someone who orders books on Amazon, please use and choose Mianus River Gorge as the organization you’d like to receive a small percentage of the amount you spend.  Thank you!

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