Gotham Coyote Project

Our research on coyotes in NYC has been featured in a number of TV spots and articles.  Below are links or embeds to many of them. You can also learn more about this specific project here.

2/2019: Catapult magazine, “An Icon of the American Wilderness is Alive in the Bronx” by Lenora Tedoro

7/2018: amNY, “Gotham Coyote Project tracking coyotes across NYC, studying behavior” by Lisa L. Colangelo

11/2016: Mental Floss, “How Scientists are Using Poop to Study NYC’s Coyote Population”  by Erin McCarthy

10/2016: Village Voice, “How Coyotes Conquered New York”  by Jon Campbell

5/2016: NatGeo Wild, “The Wolves of Wall Street

4/2016: National Geographic, “How Wild Animals Are Hacking Life in the City”  by Christine Dell’Amore

2/2016: Epoch Times, “Coyotes in New York City – We Have Nothing to Fear” by Stuat Liess

1/2016: New York Times, “Raccoons invade Brooklyn”  by Annie Correal

12/2015: Newsweek, “Part coyote, part wolf, part dog: Enter the coywolf” by Sarah Deweerdt

10/2015: Economist, “Greater than the sum of its parts” by Benjamin Sutherland

8/2015: Scientific American, “Cameras catch coyotes as they take Manhattan” by Rebecca Harrington

7/2015: Slate, “New York needs coyotes” by Lance Richardson

7/2015: Mental Floss, “What are Coyotes Doing in the Big Apple?” by Samantha Larson

5/2015: New York Magazine, “Why coyotes are flourishing in New York City” by Jen Kirby

5/2015:, “Tracking the great coyote invasion of NYC” by Tove Danovich

4/2015: NY1: “Coyotes, deer, bald eagles among wildlife appearing across City” by Erin Clarke

4/2015: Newsweek, “Coyotes are New York’s newest immigrants” by Joanna Klein

4/2015: New York Times, “A coyote eludes the police in the upper west side” by Benjamin Mueller and Lisa Foderaro

4/2015: CBS New York, “Coyote sightings reported left and right in the heart of Manhattan

4/2015: Newsday, “Coyotes breeding on Long Island ‘inevitable,’ researchers say” by Patricia Kitchen

4/2015: Christian Science Monitor, “Despite high rents, coyotes live in NYC” by Lisa Suhay

4/2015: Associated Press, “Coyote urban: String of sightings this year” by Jennifer Peltz

4/2015: Daily News, “Coyotes deserve a warmer welcome by New Yorkers, says wildlife biologist” by Lisa Colangelo

3/2015: Epoch Times, “Coyotes in New York – We Have Nothing to Fear” by Stuart Liess

3/2015: New York Times, That Howling? Just New York’s Neighborhood Coyotes by Lisa Foderaro

2/2015: The Record, Coyotes Right at Home in NJ Suburbsby James O’Neill

12/2014: Fox 5 News, New YorkCoyotes in New York Cityby Liz Dahlem

New York News

9/2014: JSTOR Magazine: Keeping up with the Carnivores, by Laura Allen

Gotham Coyote Project from JSTOR on Vimeo.

1/2014: PBS Nature: “Meet the Coywolf” (also available on Netflix Streaming)

3/2012: Science Friday on NPR

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